About the Group

ALTIFORT is an international industrial group made up of several companies in Europe (Germany, Belgium, France, Ukraine). Created in 2013, the ALTIFORT group is in full development with industrial activities organized around two major hub:


Services and technologies for all types of fluids (drinking water, industrial water, industrial effluents, gas, petroleum, agrifood fluids) with inspection robots, cleaning and dredging of tanks, pipes, pipelines, commercialization of certified valves and treatment and decontamination of industrial effluents.


Services and technologies for industry 4.0: Cobot (integration of machines and humans), integration and automation, EPC (engineering, procurement & construction), data exchange, calculations, assembly, inspection and testing, machining.


In 2013, two entrepreneurs Bart GRUYAERT and Stanislas VIGIER decided to join forces to create the ALTIFORT group. A naval training engineer, Bart has developed his leadership and management skills through his international experience in large groups. Stanislas is an agronomic engineer by training, he is passionate about marketing and commercial development, which he puts into practice on a daily basis. He has written and published a book on these last two subjects. Together, they have taken advantages of their respective skills to get into the recovery and development of companies. Rapidly growing since its ceation, the Altifort group has achieved a turnover of 70 million euros.


The mission of the ALTIFORT group is to provide innovative solutions to customers of its various subsidiaries coming from various industrial sectors: aeronautics, automobile, nuclear, etc. To this end, the ALTIFORT Group relies on the respective know-how of its subsidiaries, while focusing on the possible synergies to propose solutions tailored to each customer.


The values of the ALTIFORT group can be summarized in three words; commitment, transparency and team. For employees of the group, these three words are used daily by listening to customers and understanding needs to quickly implement appropriate solutions, considering that the customers and ALTIFORT form a team with one goal, his satisfaction.